advisory services

Alps Venture Partner’s Advisory team provides clients with high quality research, analytical and advisory support for transactions. Our team has experience of working with several Private Equity firms and Investment Banks across the US, UK, South East Asia and other regions, and has supported their internal transaction teams in successfully executing their transaction mandates by providing high quality research and analytical support.

We offer a range of services such as initial opportunity assessment, market analysis, financial modelling, commercial and financial due diligence, valuation, capital structure planning, and deal structuring and negotiations.

List of Services

Fairness Opinions

We provide high quality valuation opinions that are independent, credible and defensible. We provide in-depth analysis and fairness opinions on a wide range of transactions. Alps Venture Partners has conducted valuations across diverse industry sectors involving complex situations and transaction structures.

A fairness opinion provides assurance and an unbiased view on the key parameters of a transaction to both parties involved. The analysis is valuation, in situations of potential conflict of interest between the parties, for instance, between a company’s board of directors and its shareholders.

Buyer & Seller Services

Alps Venture Partners offers services which help both buyers and sellers maximize value and minimize risk in any transaction. We assist a diverse set of clients including small to mid-size privately-held businesses, private equity and venture capital firms as well as boutique and mid-market investment banks across all stages of a deal life-cycle.

Financial Modeling

We provide reliable and accurate financial model assisting Clients with business decision-making in a variety of situations including investment evaluation, budgeting, capital structure planning and performance tracking.

Our financial models capture real world situations and are highly dynamic, which allows users to conduct rigorous analysis across multiple scenarios. We provide financial models ranging from Excel-based solutions to complex modeling using Monte Carlo Simulations and Binomial Lattice models.

Our services include:

  • Business restructuring

  • LBO/M&A transactions

  • Business performance tracking

  • Project finance

  • Investment portfolio analysis

  • Return analysis