tax compliance valuations

With the increase in globalisation and the opening of new markets, tax strategies are becoming increasingly complex and more scrutinized by regulatory authorities worldwide. Many tax laws and regulations now stipulate that a valuation is required before tax filing. Due to the specific demands of the tax authorities there has been an increasing demand for specialist advice and detailed knowledge of their working methods and practices. The valuations for tax compliance may present significant challenges to corporations, as they demand understanding of several complex tax codes and in-depth understanding and knowledge of professional valuation standards.

Alps Venture Partners offers valuation advisory for privately-held companies across all developmental stages, particularly start-ups and emerging growth state businesses. Our team of experienced valuation professionals provides our clients with the valuation expertise they need for tax compliance and planning issues.

List of Services

IRC 409A Valuation

Our strong and energetic team has experience in handling 500+ 409a valuations. Our professionals have experience not only performing independent valuation appraisals but also handling reviews of valuations performed by other firms.

This comprehensive experience positions us uniquely among the valuation services providers. We provide high quality valuation opinions that are independent, credible and defensible.

Estate and Gift Tax

Our team has significant experience in providing quality valuation services for compliance with federal estate and gift tax provisions. We provide credible and defensible ‘fair market value’ opinions that meet all IRS standards.

IRC 83 b Election

Failing to make a timely 83(b) election with the IRS may lead to disastrous tax consequences for a start-up company founder or employee. Section 83(b) election is often considered an attractive tax planning instrument for companies in the early stages of enterprise development.

As a leading provider of valuation services, Alps Venture Partners has extensive experience in helping companies seeking to comply with Section 83(b) election.

'S'-Corp Election (IRC 1374)

IRC Section 1374 provides for the conversion of the company from a C corporation to an S corporation. Section 1374 requires a determination of the fair market value of a company’s assets for comparison with the tax basis of such assets in order to determine whether there is a Net Unrealized Built-In Gain as of the election date. We provide comprehensive valuation support to clients opting for S-Corp election.

Carry Forward of NOLs (IRC 382)

IRC Section 382 enacted for preventing “trafficking” in Net Operating Losses (NOLs) requires a corporation to limit the amount of its income in future years that can be offset by historic losses, i.e. NOL carryforwards and certain built-in losses, after a corporation has undergone an ownership change.

With our in-depth understanding of tax provisions and expertise in business valuation services we can help companies to deal with the challenges posed by IRC 382.