Share based payments - asc 718 / ifrs 2

Share Based Payments (ASC 718 (FAS 123R) / IFRS 2)

ASC 718 (formerly, FAS 123R) provides guidance on share-based payment transactions with employees and includes the following sub-topics: Awards Classified as Equity, Awards Classified as Liabilities, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, and Income Taxes.

IFRS 2 requires an entity to recognize share-based payment transactions in its financial statements, including transactions with employees or other parties to be settled in cash, other assets, or equity instruments of the entity.

Compliance with the above provisions requires use of sophisticated pricing models and the tracking of behavioral data related to option recipients. In most cases the entire exercise is quite complex due to the increasing number of grants, the frequency of grants and the difference in vesting terms, posing a significant administration and compliance challenges for the accounting and finance staff.

Our experienced team at Alps Venture Partners has performed hundreds of stock options valuations for ASC 718 for growing privately held companies and publicly listed companies across diverse industry sectors and enterprise development stages. We have extensive experience in dealing with firms ranging from early start-ups to exit /IPO stage and their complex capital structures.